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Sonnenuntergang am Strand

We are here for you

" You know when you want to go out with friends in the evening but already in the morning you feel the nagging pain starting to work its way up? All those doubts show up while you get unsure about what to do and the pain gets worse and worse? You don’t want to cancel again but you don’t know if you can hold out."

When life throws you off track again and again

  1. You feel left outside, no longer part of life,

  2. You no longer trust your body,

  3. It is just unfair to have been delt this card,

… when you want to change this – then you have come to the right place.

Are you ready to see where you stand in your journey through chronic pain?

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What we do


My vision for you

Since our health care system can only do a little for people with chronic pain, I want to pass on expert knowledge from patients to patients. I want to fill this gap and make you an expert for your own life and body. I want to encourage you to take a step back into life and take up responsibility for yourself. You can learn how to deal with chronic pain and accompanying difficult emotions while living a better, more active life.

Living a Valued Life

My goal is that you can take back control over your life and consciously step into a direction you value. Be the way you are – despite the problems! For over 20 years, I have been successfully helping people with chronic pain.

Strand bei Sonnenuntergang

Award winning Program

German Pain Award for Research and Pain Medicine 2022. ​I received this award for my work with „Schritt ins Leben“ which is the German version of Pain.Pause.Live. from the German Society for Pain Medicine and the German Pain League.

My story.

Founder ○ Psychologist ○ lic. Psychotherapist (Germany) ○ Pain Coach ○ Pain Patient


Dedicated advocate of the idea that you can live a good life - despite chronic pain.

I'm interested in in you and your journey through chronic pain. Lets chat!

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Pain is such a tricky thing, isn’t it? Yes, everyone is ill once in a while and it hurts more or less. Everyone knows that. But chronic pain? That’s a completely different story for most people. The pain takes you out of life and shakes up everything. 

Imagine a life in constant flux – careers, friendships, relationships, passions, travel dreams, and the trust you once placed in your own body, all in a state of disarray. The life you knew is no more; it's as if chronic pain has taken the reins and rewritten the script. Quality of life? Gone! Vanished! Shrunk to a small pebble you can carry around in your pocket. Can you relate to this?

I know this only too well – for over 20 years by now. Back then I had been very active. I did sports every day and was about to become a trainer for martial arts. Shortly before I finished my studies in psychology I already worked with young pain patients. …and then it happened: for reasons that remain unclear to this day, I had a very serious car crash. Why and how it happened? No idea – all memories are gone.

In any case, after many surgeries and years in and out of the hospital, I gradually returned to a normal life. But it wasn’t the same as before – and that was tough. No sooner had I recovered from a surgery and started training again than the next bad news came along. So I got to know chronic pain myself … until today, every day. Nevertheless, I never lost sight of what is important to me and was able to build an active, valued life with meaning. Above all, I now know both sides from my own experience: that of the patient and the perspective of the practitioner.

Yet, amidst this relentless pain, I've managed to keep my eyes on the things that truly matter to me. I've forged an active, meaningful existence, one where I've worn the hats of both a patient and a practitioner. And it's from this crucible of experience that I've drawn these lessons I'm now eager to share with you:


  • Focus: Retaining your focus on life's essentials - your life directions.

  • Resilience: Confronting pain in a fresh, unwavering way, even if it persists.

  • Trust: Rebuilding trust in your own body.

  • Science: Employing scientifically grounded psychological methods to alleviate your suffering.

  • Purpose: Infusing purpose and meaning into your life, despite the omnipresent pain.


Now, imagine what's possible if you could use these tools for yourself. How would your life be different from what it is today? The prospect is not just enticing; it's transformative.

As your guide on this journey, I bring a wealth of experience:


  • Over 20 years dedicated to working with fellow chronic pain warriors.

  • Over 20 years as a chronic pain patient.

  • 15 years as an educator, shaping the next generation of psychotherapists, physicians, and health counselors.

  • Authorship of numerous chapters in books and professional articles on the art of psychological pain therapy.


So, there you have it, our shared journey and the insights I'm here to share. Together, we can navigate the labyrinth of chronic pain, emerge stronger, and find renewed purpose in our lives.

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