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You want to get your life back, accept your body & turn your life in a valued direction – despite chronic pain?
You Might know this:

It’s difficult to trust your body, because it’s as if it constantly ruins your plans.

The pain uses up so much energy that you can no longer do things with friends or family, even though it would be nice?

Maybe the number of friends has been reduced over time and others don’t really seem to understand how you feel.

You would like to do so many more nice things. Instead, you’re constantly having the thought and feeling that you just can’t do it anymore.

May be even playing with your children or grandchildren is so hard.

Maybe pain frightens or stresses you out so badly that you avoid everything that could trigger or aggravate pain. Life becomes very constrained.

Or maybe you are one of those who don’t want their body to dictate anything to them and just continue to function, sometimes not even really feeling what’s going on unless the pain takes over with all its might.

If that’s the case, you know how exhausting life with chronic pain can be.

Image by Helena Lopes


What could your journey through longstanding pain be like if there was a community of like-minded people helping each other, an evolving understanding and knowledge of your life directions and especially a skills-training in dealing with pain and difficult emotions.

Find ways…

To accept yourself as the wonderful person you are, to restore meaning and confidence to your life, and to trust your body again.

Understand what your behavior has to do with quality of life and get a step-by-step program to achieve it. Use the power of the group of those who know all too well how you feel.

Here you will learn specific skills to deal with your pain, body and your life, to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings and to go your very own way with meaning and purpose.

Strand Meditation

*PAIN.PAUSE.LIVE. is a coaching program and does not replace psychotherapy or medical treatment! Please contact a psychotherapist or the doctor of your choice.


Imagine you could…

  • Regain trust in your body and work hand in hand with it

  • Maintain or build up more friendships again

  • Travel again

  • Get along better with your family

  • Do more things that are really important to you

  • Be more and more the way you want to be

  • Take up or start hobbies again

  • Be more satisfied with your life and yourself

  • Improve relationships with those who are important to you

…take your life in your own hands again!

Why PAIN.PAUSE.LIVE. can help you…

PAIN.PAUSE.LIVE. is based on over 20 years of experience in pain psychotherapy and coaching, as well as personal experience with chronic pain after a car accident.

Through the knowledge of both of these sides and Gideon’s aspiration to stay on the pulse of science, he realized that pain patients themselves are often their own best coaches.

Of course, in many cases help from outside is necessary, but the best experts are we ourselves … only we rarely see it that way.

Gideon has been teaching psychological pain therapy to colleagues and doctors for years and has thus gained a good insight into where the difficulties are.

It also became obvious when treatments went well and what the prerequisites were.

He is the author of a number of professional articles, book chapters and speaker at congresses on the subject of pain therapy.

All of this went into the development of PAIN.PAUSE.LIVE.

Helfende Hand

  • You will trust your body more and more

  • Cope with the pain better

  • Know what is really important to you in your life and pursue it

  • It will be easier to participate in life again, build and maintain relationships with friends, family and partners.

And this is what our participants say:

„I can now accept the pain and refocus on my life.“

„Now I can recognize and stop my autopilot in time and realign myself with the situation.“

„I put myself first now. Because I am important to myself!“

„I now understand better what’s going on with me and why it’s so difficult sometimes.“

„I have become much more active and do more with my family.“

„I finally dare to express my creativity.“

„I’m going dancing again and enjoying it. Even if I’m in more pain the next day, I know it’s been worth it.“

„My relationship with my boyfriend has gotten better. I also no longer demand that he immediately knows how I feel. Instead, I share it with him when I think it’s important and right to do so.“

„Amazing, I can now take breaks and keep them – it’s great for my body and me.“

„I can accept my life and don’t always struggle anymore.“

„I think it’s good that I’ve really cleaned out.“

„I can finally say „No“ … more often. ;-)“

Want to learn how to deal better with stress and tension?

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